At the end of last month I did a photoshoot with a friend of mine Gemma, who is the Principal of her dance school Gem's Dance Academy and Performing Arts. Gemma set up the dance school 5 years ago, which encourages the expressive arts such as dance and drama being fun and enjoyable for everybody.

When recently updating her website (, Gemma decided that she needed to revitalise her personal portfolio of images which she could use on her website, and social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

One of the most crucial aspects of running your own business is attracting custom, and more often than not people will make their first impressions based upon images they see online of the business itself, and the staff who run it. This is even more important when running a dance and performing arts school, as parents will want to feel reassured that their child will be happy and safe with the staff of the school.

We experimented with lots of different outfits and styles on the day of the shoot, in order to convey every aspect of Gemma's personality; professional, friendly, organised, active, fun and most importantly for her - a talented and qualified dancer and teacher. Both Gemma and I were really pleased with the outcome of the shoot and she now has a lot of different styles of photograph which she can use to boost her profile as a dance teacher, and to hopefully encourage more people to join her dance school!

​Do you run your own business? Or do you need to generally boost your personal profile/renew your headshot? Get in touch via the contact form or email for pricing and more information!

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