I recently had the pleasure of photographing the talented dancers at Gem's Dance Academy, a dance school based in Great Barr offering a range of different styles of dances to people of all ages and abilities. The photographs were taken in a documentary style, for use by the dance school for promotional purposes. The aim of the shoot was to capture the skills of the dancers in a still image, which proved difficult at times as the dancers move extremely fast!

As a trainee teacher at the dance school, I had the advantage of having worked with these dancers before and therefore found them extremely easy to work with. They were enthusiastic and ambitious, and determined to enable me to capture them at their best. As always when photographing dancers, it is essential to use a high shutter speed and thankfully the dance studio was extremely well lit therefore enabling me to do that with no issues. Most of the photographs taken took a few attempts (particularly those capturing jumps and kicks) as it is often difficult to predict the next movement.

I found it extremely useful to photograph these dancers, as it enabled me to further enhance and refine my ability to predict their movements and capture the perfect image with no motion blur. Coming soon will be a blog post all about photographing dancers including the settings you should use to avoid camera shake and motion blur - so if it's something you're interested in learning more about then keep your eyes peeled!

If you are a dancer, or a member of a dance school and would like some documentary style photographs of yourself/your dance school please see the Dance page above for price quotes. I also photograph dance shows and competitions, quotes for which can also be found at this page. If you have any questions/queries please feel free to get in touch via email at

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