After finally getting round to setting up my new studio photography equipment, I thought it was about time that I put it to use and started to experiment with how to use the lighting to create effective portraits. My wonderful flatmate was more than happy to model for me, allowing me freedom to play around with the lighting to see how I could use it to frame her face and accentuate different parts of it to create different effects.

I set up the studio with the black backdrop and my two Jinbei Delicacy II 200w softbox flashlights positioned diagonally to the left and the right of the subject. The light on my left hand side was turned on as a continuous light, and the light on my right was connected to my camera via the Jinbei TR-A9 Digital Flash Trigger. This meant that when I clicked the shutter, the flash was triggered and as a consequence the light was quite powerful and concentrated on the right hand side of the subject. This was a technique which I found to be incredibly effective in framing the subject's face and creating depth against the black background.

Below are a few examples of photographs that I took using this technique - I'm really pleased with how they have turned out!

I also wanted to experiment with how to use the light to compose an effective headshot which would be more suitable for use on professional profiles such as LinkedIn. I directed much more of the light straight onto the subject's face in order to prevent dark shadows and make the subject seem more approachable and professional.

If you are a professional looking to get your headshot taken or updated, head over to my Portfolio Shoots page for pricing information! I would love to be able to use my brand new home studio equipment to provide you with a fresh, friendly and artistic approach to your new profile shot.

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