This blog post is a little bit of a personal project, in an effort to explore and delve a little further into the world of fashion photography. Vivienne Westwood is one of my favourite brands, and so I figured that it might be a good place to start in terms of determining the best ways of styling and photographing for fashion. Fortunately, I am lucky enough to have a very accommodating flatmate and boyfriend, who were both willing to model for my experiments!

My lovely models!

As with any type of photography, it is incredibly important to understand the subject of the photograph in order to style and portray it appropriately and so I thought I might share a bit of what I found out about the Vivienne Westwood brand! For over 30 years, Vivienne Westwood has been flying the British flag in the world of fashion. The brand has developed a reputation for stylish and premium design, distinctive for its flair and unique character, which is ultimately a reflection of the lead designer's own personality.

Vivienne Westwood clothing is designed and crafted for those who want to stand out from the crowd. The iconic orb logo adorns her designs; ensuring that any Vivienne Westwood piece has a fashionable touch of unmistakable identity. The brand consists of four clothing lines, Gold Label, Red Label, Anglomania and Man, as well as a range of accessories in-cluding jewellery, bags, scarves and even perfume. The different lines offered within the brand each with a different price range, ensures that something is offered to people in a variety of target markets. Her collections all offer different looks, however they all maintain elements of her brand identity.

The corporate identity of the brand such as the logo, signage and packaging are all very prominent throughout her marketing and designs. Westwood’s astute knowledge and awareness of the consumer, along with her transparency and honesty about her social and ethical values, means that consumer perceptions easily correspond with the brand image and identity.

Anyway... enough of me gushing about how wonderful the Westwood brand is! We did the shoot in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, where there are some really great backdrops for the style of photography I was hoping to achieve. Many of Westwood's pieces are designed to be bold and different, and so I felt that it was important to keep the images vibrant and bright.

The location of the shoot was crucial in creating photographs which are contemporary and 'edgy', yet are simple and therefore allow the model and the fashion pieces to remain the focus point of the image. The brick wall and old grey window panes both create a satisfying tone behind the models, also complementing the slightly grungy/punk style of the clothing. The bokeh (blurry) effect I created in the background of some of the images, further places emphasis on the finer details of the model. I loved doing this little project and am really pleased with how the images turned out - make sure you check them out below!

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