A few months ago I entered a Street Photography competition run by the London Photo Festival, and incredibly I made it into the top 20 finalists out of almost 800 entries! The 20 finalists' work was exhibited as part of the London Photo Festival exhibition between 18th-20th May, and I went down to London to check it out!

The festival is aimed at up-and-coming photographers who are looking for their first break in the world of photography. It was founded back in 2011 by Emma Mapp and Kit Shah, in order to give fellow new and emerging photographers affordable ways to display their work, and so by paying a small fee, photographers get the chance to display and sell their work to the public as well as network with fellow exhibitors and industry professionals.

The theme for the Festival this year was 'Travel Photography', and there was an eclectic display of work throughout the exhibition. The Street Photography competition which I entered was separate to the general theme of the exhibition, however it was all displayed together at the Festival. Pictured below is my winning image, and a photo of it in situ with a few of the other Street Photography finalists!

Alongside the Street Photography finalists, there was a 'Retro Wall' (see below) which was also separate to the main exhibition. This was another great opportunity for up-and-coming photographers to exhibit a piece of their work for free!

The main body of the festival was made up of paying exhibitors, along the theme of 'Travel Photography'. Some of the pieces were incredible, and it was so great to be a part of something which supports amateur and semi-professional photographers. During the Private View, the photographs were judged by David Newton for Best in Show, 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up. The image which won Best in Show was a personal favourite of mine by extremely talented photographer Henry Rice (click to view winning image).

The exhibition was a fantastic celebration of photographers at all levels, from all over the world and it truly was a pleasure to have been involved. Hopefully next year I might see more of my work exhibited here, and hopefully in other exhibitions too!

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